DEG 2013 Worldwide Benefit Album And Promo V/A, support this good cause mates!

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    #blessed #ignitefest2012 #echc #grateful 

    Thank you so much for supporting us & Ignite Festival Malaysia homies, it was a fucking great show ever in East Coast region!Shout out to our co-organizer, Gegey Music & SpreadTheFrost Cupcakes and our event sponsor Elstees Malaysia + Wear Obliq! Also huge thanks to Assemble The Empire, A Town In Fear,Tres Empre, The Padangs, SAVIOR OFFICIAL, & all bands that gave their best performance!We love you guys & see you at #ignitefest2013!

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    Inside:Dead Eyes Glow x PSD Records Stage, Jakcloth YES 2012 [‘NBL’D] 

    Left one DSLR in the CGK Airport Cab with good photos+videos and wrong DSLR video setting (4:3) on the other one still doesn’t make us down cause this journey is so amazing! Well, we proudly present you a “Not Bad Laa Definition Video Diary” & please enjoy it :)

    All other music remains the property of the respectful artists.

    A special thanks to:

    Rembo & all  PSD Records team, Peter Firmanshah & Peter Says Denim team and everyone at Jakcloth YES 2012.

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    3 days of awesomeness!

    This 5kg package has arrived in our hometown now!Thank you so much @petersaysdenimofficial @psdrecords @peterfirmansyah #PSDcompilation2013

    a zillion thanks to Rembo @psdrecords team @peterfirmansyah @petersaysdenimofficial team for giving us such a great experience at #jakcloth YES 2012! (at Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, Indonesia)

    Chilling with Assemble The Empire after Kuantan City show @atemelb (at Teluk Chempedak)

    With our #ignitefest2012 crew, Assemble The Empire,A Town In Fear, Dick Tracy & Savior! (at Motel Desa Kuala Terengganu)

    #ignitefest2012 yummy cake,special made by Spread The Frost Cupcakes! #deadeyesglow (at Motel Desa Kuala Terengganu)

    With @atowninfear lads after #ignitefest2012 #echc #singapore (at Motel Desa Kuala Terengganu)

    Also thanks to @hargridrmsticks for these sick drumsticks! @billfoldx #ignitefest2012 #deadeyesglow #haegridrmsticks @petersaysdenim (at Motel Desa)

    Thanks to Spread The Frost for these awesome cupcakes! #spreadthefrost #deadeyesglow #echc #ignitefest2012

    #deadeyesglow #allegiance t’ your order at .RM60 inc. shipping

    Who’s coming to RipCurl Pro 2012?Our front-man will ride for Terengganu SURF Community (PLOT) in this prestige comp. , let’s give Zack a full support on this weekend mates!Teranung bulih!\m/

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    JakCloth Year End Sale 2012 - Official Map Kita bakal manggung di PSDrecords stage jam 7.30 mlm hari minggu,ketemu disana ya temen2 Jakarta!

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